PaintGlow – Colour Experts since 2008

PaintGlow – Experts in Colour Since 2008

Launched in 2008 PaintGlow is a world-renowned colour cosmetic brand based in the Lake District UK.

Since our launch, PaintGlow has grown and we now host 6 different brands; these include Glitter Me Up, Rebellious Colour, Funky Face, Fright Fest & Extreme FX.

Our brands and products offer a wide and diverse appeal across many sectors, and we are sure there is something for everyone. From Clubs & Festivals across the globe to Carnivals & Halloween at PaintGlow we have everything you need.

Perfect for all festivals, raves & events our PaintGlow products are sure to make you stand out from the crowd, in a range of colours our PaintGlow range will make you glow all night long!

• UV Face & Body Paint 12ml
• UV Face & Body Paint 50ml
• UV Face & Body Paint Stick
• Glow in the Dark Face & Body Paint
• UV Lipstick
• Glow in the Dark Face Jewels

Glitter Me Up

Perfect for adding sparkle to any look our Glitter Me Up brand is the ultimate place for everything glitter! From Face & Hair Jewels to Chunky Glitter Pots our glitters are perfect for every season and occasion!

• Face Jewels
• Hair Jewels
• Fantasy Iridescent Chunky Glitter Gels 12ml
• Fantasy Iridescent Chunky Glitter Gel 50ml
• Fantasy Iridescent Chunky Glitter Pot
• Holographic Chunky Glitter Gels 12ml
• Holographic Chunky Glitter Gels 50ml
• Holographic Chunky Glitter Pots
• Bio Blends Chunky Glitter
• Bio Blends Fine Glitter Dust
• Bio Shades Chunky Glitter
• Bio Shades Chunky Glitter
• Glitter Fix Glue 12ml
• Glitter Fix Glue 50ml

Rebellious Colour

Dare to be different with our Rebellious Colour Semi Permanent Hair Dye & Temporary Sprays! With a range of colours to choose from our dyes and sprays are ideal for changing up your look.

• Semi Permanent Hair Dye
• Temporary Hair Spray
• Temporary Glitter Hair Spray

Fright Fest

Fright Fest has all the essentials to create Halloween gore! From Fake Blood to Face Paints & Scar Wax we are the one stop place for everything you need to scare on Halloween or even all year round!

• Face Paints
• Fake Blood 12ml
• Fake Blood 50ml
• Fake Blood Spray
• Blood Glitter Tears
• Fake Cut Tattoo
• Halloween Face Jewels
• Halloween Face Paint Sticks
• Halloween Lipsticks
• Liquid Latex 12ml
• Liquid Latex 50ml
• Scar Wax Pot

Funky Face

Designed with the younger market in mind our Funky Face brand allows for many different creations! Our Paints & Sticks make it easier than ever to be whatever your imagination wants!

• Metallic Face & Body Paint 12ml
• Metallic Face Paint Stick

Extreme FX

Great for Party’s, Nightclubs, Holi Festivals, Colour Runs and so much more our range of fluids allow for your event to stand out and be remembered.

• Bubble Fluid
• Deoionsed Water
• Neon UV Holi Powder
• Smoke Fluid
• Snow Fluid

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