World Book Day 2017 – are you panicking yet?

The easy-to-use products that will make your life stress-free on World Book Day

World Book Day tends to do something remarkable every year. It, of course, as a wonderful ability to ignite children’s imaginations and introduce them to new books, characters and authors as well as encourage a new generation of mini JK Rowling’s. It also has a not-so-wonderful way of making the stress levels of parents across the world rocket to BFG heights, leaving us thinking that there needs to be another day in the calendar just to recover from World Book Day.

For those of you who’ve experienced the pre-World Book Day panic and had to whip up a last-minute costume – we feel your pain. Last year, you heard distant mumbling by your offspring (something about their favourite characters, dressing up and books) but didn’t take much notice. Then, BAM! You found a reminder letter scrunched up in your child’s coat pocket saying that it’s World Book Day tomorrow and that the classroom theme is The Smurfs. On the plus side, it seems to be a good way to lose a few pounds as you frantically try to turn the house into the set of Blue Peter.

Yes, there are a few incredibly organised parents out there who take pleasure in the genuine excitement on their child’s face as they prepare to transform into their favourite literary character for the day. But for the rest of us, we wish that World Book Day came with a self-help guide on how to deal with last-minute costume crises.

How we can help?

We at PaintGlow can’t guarantee that our products will boost your productivity. We can, however, ensure that our water based face paint, paint sticks, semi-permanent hair dye and glitter gels will be the perfect starter kit for parents across the world who might not have the time to hand sew a Tigger costume, complete with bouncing shoes, for their little one.

On top of that, we can guarantee that our products do not contain peroxide and other harsh chemicals that are found in some face paints, and that we can trace every single ingredient back to our factory in Cumbria. Stress, spillages and stains were things that the creator of World Book Day didn’t factor in, so we have that covered. All our products have been designed to be extremely easy to use and will be sure to make things a little easier for you on the eve of World Book Day this year.

Our children’s multi-pack combo includes a black, light brown, orange, yellow, white, turquoise and dark brown paint sticks, priced at an unbelievable £15.54. The smooth crayons will glide onto skin and give precision in any designs while the bright colours mean there is no look you can’t achieve.

We also have a rainbow of water based face and body paints on sale and even have glow in the dark products to make all the other children in the class jealous. Easy to apply glitter gels, hair dye, and lipsticks – you name it, we have it.

Inspiration – our favourite characters

Some of our favourite characters for World Book Day include Roald Dahl’s legendary creations, Fantastic Mr Fox, The Twitts and Oompa Loompas. We also love Rudyard Kipling’s animal friends from The Jungle Book, Shere Khan and King Louie. J.M.Barrie’s Tinkerbell and Peter Pan are good old classics and everyone’s favourite magical cast, Harry Potter and the gang, is sure to be on top of a lot of children’s wish list for dressing up.

For a simple design such as Harry’s scar and glasses or Tinkerbell’s glittery swirls to a full face animal design, PaintGlow will help to bring these characters to life.

Other materials you may need: cotton buds, disposable brushes, sponges and hand sanitizer or baby wipes to remove the paint.

Remember, the bigger the brush the less control you’ll have.

Why choose PaintGlow?

Remember when the face paint spilt on the sofa as little Brian decided to run after the cat during a face paint session? PaintGlow’s products have an easy wash formula and can be removed with wet wipes or a damp cloth, so you don’t have to worry too much about spillages.

Remember all the scrubbing at the end of the day to remove the blue paint from your child’s face as well as your hands? PaintGlow’s children’s range are water based and will not stain or dry skin. We’re also proud that our range is not tested on animals and is made in the UK.

Remember those horror stories about children coming out in rashes after using chemically induced products? PaintGlow is proud to bet the only paint party manufacturer in Europe that has undergone cosmetic testing on our products. We don’t have peroxide in our semi permanent hair dye either, making it 100% kind to skin.

With World Book Day getting nearer, fear not, PaintGlow is on hand to keep your stress levels to a minimum and keep your little sprog happy. They’ll be having the time of their life prancing around like a mini Duracell bunny and you’ll be proud of yourself for not succumbing to the pressure of the annual costume drama. Until next year.

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