Temporary Hair Colour: 4 trends, 4 ways

From partially shaved heads to harsh ombré dip dyes- let’s face it we’ve all dabbled in our fair share of weird and ever so cringey hair trends. However, as we all know too well, these must-try trends have the tendency to say bye just as fast as they say hi, leaving our poor barnets feeling particularly sorry for themselves.

Ah yes, committing yourself to a stripped bleach barnet certainly seemed like a quick and easy solution to achieving that tangy orange Hayley Williams-esque mop, didn’t it? But I will confidently assume this was before you cottoned onto the reality that you had also signed up to a lifelong battle with split ends and brittle dryness. Am I right?

Why didn’t I use temporary hair colour?

Resorting to a lifetime spent on google, searching hopelessly for a miracle hair growing solution- you’re spontaneous ode to hair fashionista is soon enveloped by hideous roots and enormous regrets.  If only your impulsive and soon regrettable hair transformation was temporary, ay?

Well, with PaintGlow’s impressive selection of temporary hair colour solutions , today gurrl- you’re in luck. Whilst unfortunately we can’t save you from your hair scares of the past, what we can do is make certain that your dreamy hair experiments of the future are incredibly easy to achieve and even better- can be reversed at the turn of a tap.

So, without further ado- here are our 5 ways to achieve the hottest hair colour trends of the season, minus the roots and regrets.

Hidden Rainbow Hair

Hidden Rainbow Hair

So, it may be the year of the Rooster but it in our eyes 2017 has most definitely evolved into the year of the unicorn. Flooding our Insta feeds with magical pastel hair and glitter makeup, it would appear that the whole of cyberspace has become infatuated by a magical unicorn rainbow fever- and we love it!

Hidden rainbow hair incorporates the dreamy pastel madness of the unicorn hair trend, but is much more subtle and 100% temporary- perfect for all you part-time unicorns. Buried beneath the layers of your tresses, hidden rainbow hair, is a dreamy secret, that only comes alive when swished or styled to reveal. Your 4 steps to part-time unicorn hair queen:

  • First, divide your hair into two sections, pulling the hair on the top of your head into a ponytail or bun, whilst leaving the bottom section of your hair loose.
  • Next, either twist or plait the loose section of your hair into 5 or 6 additional sections. By separating the hair in this way,  it will easier to add different colours to your rainbow
  • Now, spray your plaited sections with your favourite PaintGlow Hair Colour Spray shades. We like to alternate between “Pink”, “Purple” and “Silver” to achieve the dreamiest unicorn hair creation.
  • Finally, release your plaited sections to reveal your pastel hair spray wonder, before releasing the top section of your hair to keep your hidden rainbow hair a secret.

Denim Blue Hair

Denim Blue Hair

So blue it’s almost black! Inspired by the midnight ink and indigo hues of our favourite fashion staple, it’s not surprising that denim blue hair has been rocked by all of our fave fash queens & bloggers, Bella Hadid, Zoe London and Sophie Hannah Richardson. Why? Because denim goes with just about everything of course.

Blending indigo hues with moody greys and silvers, this look however goes one sassy step further to create a faded jean effect. Perfect for weekends or perhaps a summer festival fling, rest assured with our Semi Permanent Hair Dye, within 10 washes your hair will return to its natural winning glory. Follow these 4 steps to rock your denim blue hair:

  • To create an even blue base for your denim blue hair, first apply to your tresses, as per instructions, PaintGlow’s Semi Permanent Hair Dye in either “Electric Blue” or “Blue Lagoon” if you’re after a lighter and faded denim hair look.
  • Once the colour has developed and your hair is clean and dry, to begin the fading fiesta, add tiny plaits of differing lengths to the bottom section of your hair, below the ears.
  • Next taking PaintGlow’s metallic Hair Colour Spray in “ Silver”, apply the coloured hair spray to the plaits, using a towel to shield the rest of your hair and clothes from the pigment.
  • Finally, release the plaits and gently brush them through, in order to blend them seamlessly with the rest of your denim blue hair. VOILA, faded denim perfection!

Metallic Glitter Parting

Metallic Glitter Parting


Possibly the most popular, if not slightly over-used festival trend of the past year, whilst we’re most definitely not knocking Glitter partings, I think they certainly need a shake-up, don’t you? Which is where our magically metallic Hair Colour Spray will step in to amp up the sass-o-meter.

Adding a metallic shimmer to increase the intensity beneath your chunky unicorn glitter, little did you know that this trend doubles as the sassiest festival root concealer on the planet! Forget the dry shampoo, when rocked with oh so edgy space buns, this trend is your hair saviour.

  • Part your hair directly down the middle, and collect your hair on each side of the parting into a pigtail.Secure each pigtail on the top of your head using a bobble, and then to add volume- use a comb to tease your hair backwards.
  • Now, wrap each pigtail around the hair bobble, to create a doughnut shape. Secure the doughnut with hair pins or another hair tie. Your Metallic Space buns are almost complete!
  • Using our Hair Colour Spray in the magical metallic shade of your choice, spray the pigment over your parting.
  • Next, using our Chunky Glitter in “Unicorn Tears” , apply the glitter over the metallic pigment using a small amount of glitter gel to keep it in place.  

Silver & Grey Hair

Silver Grey Hair

Silver & Grey hair you say? And there was us thinking that going grey was a thing of nightmares. Well, not anymore! Rocked by almost every celeb under the sun, from  Rihanna, Cara Delevigne and even 1D’s Zayn Malik- grey hair is quite literally here to stay and we can certainly understand why.

Forget granny chic, the icy silver hues of both our Hair Colour Spray and Semi Permanent Hair Dye, will enhance your locks with a contemporary icy silver storm. So, whether you choose to go for a full head transformation or subtle balayage flashes, if you desire a sassy makeover with an edgy rock vibe, grey & silver hair is the trend you need to follow, NOW!

  • For a full head transformation, we suggest applying our Semi Permanent Hair Colour in “Silver Storm” to your locks, as per instructions. Free of Ammonia and Peroxide, temporary hair dye makes a great alternative to damaging bleaches and will instead nourish your hair with the moisture it desperately needs.
  • For an even less permanent nod to the silver & grey hair trend, that can be reversed with one super quick wash, why not try a silver balayage effect? This is particularly suited to you brunette ladies, as the pigment of our Hair Colour Spray in “Silver Storm” has an incredible clinging power and stands out incredibly on any hair colour.  


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