Super Bowl LI – Are you ready for one of the Greatest Shows on Earth!

Super Bowl 51 (LI) is set to raise the roof of Houston’s NRG Stadium when the New England Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons for the 2017 Super Bowl title on Sunday 5th February. Joining the 71,795 supporters in the stadium will be an estimated 110 million US television viewers making it the most watched sporting event in the US calendar.

Lasting around four hours inclusive of the legendary half-time performance and with a snack consumption second only to Thanksgiving it’s clear to see why Doritos pay up to $5.2 million per 30 second for their iconic commercials.  

Super Bowl not just a football game, it’s an entertainment phenomenon and this year Lady GaGa returns to perform in what will undoubtedly be a sensational half-time show. Known for her over the top performances and outlandish costumes its no surprise she has become an icon for a generation.   

New England Patriots

On form the New England Patriots have to be the favorites over the Atlanta Falcons. With eight Super Bowl appearances and four wins under their belts, the most recent being 2014 over the Seattle Seahawks. Red, white and blue the Patriots will be looking to their star quarterback Tom Brady to bring home their fifth Super Bowl title.

The Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons are one of only four teams never to have won a Super Bowl trophy. When looking at Super Bowl history they are clearly the underdogs with only one previous appearance at the Super Bowl in 1999, where they lost to the Denver Broncos. The Patriots may be confident going into Super Bowl LI but should never underestimate the plucky underdogs!

Get Your Game Face On!

Off the field of play it’s the fans that are the stars of the show as they go all out in support of their favourite teams in an unrivalled display of patriotism. The stars and stripes will be seen everywhere.

Whether you are lucky enough to have secured a ticket to Super Bowl LI or you will be celebrating at one of the many Super Bowl parties around the globe let PaintGlow help you to create an impression. On big sporting occasions such as the Super Bowl shirts, flags and baseball caps are the norm, in order to stand out you need to “Get Your Game Face On!”

Whether you prefer a subtle red, white and blue designs or a more gregarious full face look PaintGlow can help.


Move over Tom Brady and Matt Ryan, PaintGlow has everything you will need to create some stunning designs that will make you the star of your Super Bowl party!

PaintGlow’s Face Paint Sticks are perfect for creating simple designs, such as the young boy above with a simple but effective Star Spangled Banner face paint design on his cheek. The Face Paint Sticks come in multiple colors but the you need will be Dark Blue Face Paint StickBright Red Face Paint Stick and White Face Paint Stick – they go on smoothly and allow for plenty of control when doing intricate designs.

To create the stunning lip and eye combination with a twist why not use PaintGlow’s red, white and blue Glitter Lipstick in order to add some sparkle to the occasion. PaintGlow also manufactures ranges of Glitter Eye Shadow  and Glitter Eye Liner.  

If you are bold enough to carry off the bold full face look then we would recommend you use the Blue, Red and White UV Face Paint. Not only will you look fantastic during the day, when the lights go down and you are near any blacklight you will have a stunning UV neon glow.

Are you “Going To Get Your Game Face On” for Super Bowl LI?

Whether you’re attending a party or going to the big game itself, there’s no reason not to get into the spirit of the game. Get the beer on ice, the wings chilling in the fridge, the Doritos opened and #GetYourGameFaceOn

Super Bowl LI is on the Sunday 5th February with kick off at 6.30pm (US time), 11.30pm (UK time) and 12.30pm (European time).

How will you Get You Get Game Face On, to stand out from the crowd? We’d love to hear from you and see your designs. Use the hashtag #GetYourGameFaceOn, connect on Twitter @PaintGlow or tag us on Instagram @paintglowofficial and we’ll feature some of your awesome designs on our website.

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