St Patrick’s Day: Switch shamrock shambles for shamrock chic

Four-leaf looks, to get you noticed for the RIGHT reasons.

March 17th- Our social media feeds may have only just recovered from a flurry of Valentine engagements and overwhelmingly average pancakes, but tradition is tradition (especially where Guinness is concerned) and Saint Patrick has further intentions.

Cue news feeds surging with selfies of mildly tipsy teens and rowdy adult folk, who all mysteriously appear to have succumbed to the same orange and green yielding skin disorder... oh wait – I think they’re leprechauns.

Whether you’re Irish, Irish-ish, or just up for the craic- St Patrick’s Day is a global tradition, celebrating the very best of Irish culture. In fact, St Paddy’s is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival – now we’re sure that’s got nothing to do with any encouragement to drink Guinness and get larry.

Why didn’t I use good quality products?

Ah yes, St Paddy’s – a day where it is socially acceptable to wear faux ginger beards, adorn your face and body with outrageous orange and green paint and run around the streets chanting “POH-TAY-TOEEE” in a dodgy Irish accent…and we wonder why St Paddy’s day is getting so much stick for being heavily commercialised and portraying negative Irish stereotypes.

Well if this is you, we applaud you. Your confidence in subjecting yourself to boundless ridicule is very admirable and your ignorance to any form of subtlety is equally courageous. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there, right?! Oh yes, those fuzzy memories of waking up to sticky green hair, an angry skin break-out, muddy orange and green bed sheets and an even more impressive face and body stain. Sound familiar?

Yes. We did promise ourselves that we’d jump in shower as soon as we got home, but I guess the Guinness must of got to us? They talk about the luck of the Irish, but forget top o’ the morning, more like top o’ the to do list! Which leaves that burning question on our lips once again, why didn’t I use good quality products?

Products you can trust and the unique ways to use them.

St Patrick’s day is a great excuse to wear OTT makeup and show off your top-notch artsy skills, so why ruin the occasion, by using dodgy face and body products? Well, this year is going to be different. We’re talking Shamrock Chic, not shamrock shambles! That’s why we’ve put together 4 cracking looks, that will have you looking unique for only the RIGHT reasons:

1) Emerald Isle-shadow

Apply our highly pigmented UV Eye Dust in green over the base of your eyelid, building up the colour until you have your desired vibrancy. Now, blend the colour into the crease of your eye, using circular movements with a clean eyeshadow brush.

Secondly, apply a small amount of our Fixing Gel over the UV Eye Dust and any other desired areas, before shaking our Holographic Glitter Shaker in gold over the gel. This will create a shimmering 3D speckle- a stunning emerald effect that can be worn beyond St Patrick’s Day.

All our products are cosmetically approved and accredited, and what’s more, they can be easily removed using soap and water- simple! So, rest assured there will be no red eyes and rubbing in the morning.

2) Over the rainbow

Made famous by stars such as Marilyn Monroe and more recently Alexa Chung, the black feline flick has very much become part of our facial furniture. However, every style staple needs a little shake-up now and again, and who would say no to a little more glitter and glow?

For an Irish twist, we suggest ditching the black brush, and dipping into our vibrant assortment of rainbow Glitter and UV Eyeliners. To define your eye, start with a dark purple and draw a stroke along your lashline as you would with your regular eyeliner- this will be the base of the rainbow.

Using the purple base as your guideline, now add a second colour to your rainbow, tracing above the first line. Repeat this until you have the desired amount of colours in your rainbow and if you’re feeling particularly artsy- draw a little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow flick.

3) “Blorange” is the new blonde

Forget faux ginger beards and dodgy wigs because we’ve heard that “blorange” is the new blonde. For an edgy Irish look that is far less scary than it sounds, pick up a pack of our Semi-Permanent Hair Dye in “Orange Thunder” – for all the drama, without the commitment.

Our hair dye is deeply conditioning and hassle free to apply, with the colour developing in 15-30 minutes. What’s more, our formula is free of Ammonia and Peroxide so there will be absolutely no morning after hair hassle. Happy leprechauns all around.

4) Dripping in gold

Not feeling so brave? For a subtle yet sassy nod to the leprechauns, with minimal effort and time needed, apply a coat of our hard wearing Glitter Nail Polish in green. This has a great effect used by itself, but if you desire extra vibrancy, apply over a green base coat.

Whilst the nail polish is drying, but still tacky, gently dip the tips of your fingernails into our Holographic Glitter in “Gold”. Once dry, this will give the effect that your nails have been dipped into a dripping pot of gold- an understated look, the little bearded men would be proud of.

We hope you have a very happy St Patrick’s Day. Remember to tag us in your Shamrock snaps on Twitter @PaintGlow and Instagram @paintglowofficial, and we’ll re-post our favourites.

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