*Hello* Clubbing Season!

Want to step your holiday up a notch? Fancy becoming every colour of the rainbow all at once? Shine like the sun or shimmer like the Northern Lights. PaintGlow’s amazing Clubbing Season UV range has been specifically engineered to give you the purest, most intense glow.

Imagine yourself draped on a golden beach with a cold beer in hand and a gentle sea breeze in your hair. Music drifts over from the nearby bar and combines with the steady beat of the Mediterranean Sea, relaxing you completely for the night ahead.


This is where PaintGlow comes in. We’re here for the after party.

Whether you’re new to the club scene or a veteran party goer, you’ll be spoilt for choice with our huge variety of coloured delights. From UV Paints to Glitter Gels and Nail Varnish, the vivid range is guaranteed to draw attention for ALL the right reasons. And they will only take up a tiny corner of your suitcase – bonus!

After you’ve booked flights, chosen a hotel and have the best clubs lined up, there’s just one more thing to add to your summer check-list. PaintGlow’s incredible range of UV face and body paint –  designed to pimp up your parties and make your holiday really stand out.


For those nights where you want to go all out for a tropical UV Glow Party and transform yourself into a radioactive rainbow, PaintGlow offers everything from:

We’ve got you covered, from top to toe. You can create the wildest looks that will demand attention while you dance away without a care in the world.

Under normal light, our products appear as a bright neon colour but once exposed to UV light they really come alive, giving an immense fluorescent glow. Alternatively, the Glow in the Dark Nail Polish would give the perfect eye-catching look for that low-key beach party…or when you’re feeling a little fragile.

Clubbing Season Designs

Swirls and dots are big this year. And they’re *so* easy to draw. But you can always let your artistic flair loose and go a little wild with PaintGlow’s UV Body Paint to create some striking designs for a dazzling night time effect. Bold swipes on the face, or the Apache look as we like to call it, will also make you shine with confidence and class.

If you’re not the most artistically inclined, keep it simple. A dash of colour here and there will still catch people’s eye and make an impression. That’s the beauty of it.

A top tip for those who haven’t used PaintGlow’s products before: build up a simple design of dots and stripes along the natural contours of the face (eyes, forehead and jawline). You can’t go wrong.

Streaks and smudges

“What about sweat? Surely that’s going to affect the paint?”

This stuff don’t budge! The product’s stunning UV and Glow in the Dark effect lasts well into the night and will feel like a second skin. On top of that they’re so easy to apply and as they’re only tiny, you could always pop a few into your handbag or pocket. Add another pattern and even more colour to your designs half way through the night to jazz things up!

Above all you won’t have to put too much effort into choosing the perfect outfit – Paintglow’s products will give you that extra WOW-factor whatever you’re wearing. You’ll genuinely be wondering how you managed without it. So, for a clubbing holiday of a lifetime make sure to remember the essentials – passport, swimwear, paracetamol and PaintGlow’s UV range. You’ll be all set for a cracking holiday.

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