Halloween Is Coming!

It’s the biggest party of the year for us very soon. Forget New Year –  it’s all about Halloween for us here at PaintGlow

As I write this we are flat out making enough Fake Blood to float a battleship! Very soon we will be shipping lorry loads of both our famous Fake Blood and UV Fake Blood to stores everywhere.

People prefer our blood as it isn’t watery like most and it makes very realistic clots and wounds. And then we have “ UV Fake Blood” our exclusive formula goes on blood red and then “magically” turns Green Or Orange under UV Blacklight, the ultimate Zombie Slime Blood!!

Don’t stop at just fake blood how about our” Fright Night “Range which includes Vamp Me Up, a range of Vampish Lipsticks and Nail Polishes in White, Black & Green, go on release your inner Vamp Blood Me Up.

An Intensely Blood Red & Dark Red available in Nail Polish, Paint Sticks & Paint Liners.

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