Festival beauty according to BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend

A guide to rocking the looks, rocked by your favourite acts.

Hosted once a year in a specially selected area of the UK- Radio 1’s Big Weekend opens it’s doors to 50,000 energetic festival fans, the hottest musical acts of the year, and a stellar army of loyal celebrity supporters. Following the catwalk extravaganza that was Coachella, Big weekend is therefore your next best opportunity to rock the latest festival beauty and style trends- and gurrrl it does not disappoint.

With a lineup as strong as Popeye’s left bicep, the festival beauty and style game will be no exception either. Hull might be out the premier league in football, but this year the premier league in music is coming to Hull! Oh, and FYI.. tickets are 100% free. Yep, you heard it! Big weekend is one hell of a force to be reckoned with, and so is Katy Perry’s hair for that matter.

Festival beauty according to BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, free tickets can only mean two things; tight budgets and outdated sets- Hell no sister! With 50,000 attendees and thousands more eager fans tuning in to watch the free live streaming, Katy Perry, Little Mix and the rest of your faves will most definitely be rocking one beast of a show!

From hypnotic stage lights and dazzling outfits, to captivating routines and eccentric stage makeup- without further a do, here’s exactly how YOU can rock the looks, rocked by your favourite BIG Weekend acts:

Katy Perry – Highlighter hair

Festival Beauty - Semi Permanent Hair Dye - Pink
Katy Perry – Highlighter hair

Red and yellow, and pink and green, ginger and purple and blue…. Nope i’m not singing the colours of the rainbow, but in fact the colours of Katy Perry’s hairdrobe. From billowing curls, bravely bold wigs and head-achingly tight ponytails -KP is never one to shy away from crazy festival hair, and this year neither will you!

Right now, #PeachHair is blowing up the gram, but as you PaintGlow fanatics know very well, we don’t just follow trends, we recreate! To turn the festival hair stakes up a notch or two, a la Katy Perry, we suggest you pair our Semi Permanent Hair Dye in “Orange Thunder” , with with the popping magenta hue of “Shocking Pink”.

Apply “Orange Thunder” as per instructions, to the majority your hair, but leave several inches at your ends bare. Then apply “Shocking Pink” ,as per instructions to the ends of your hair, as well as overlapping with the peach. Make extra effort to massage the dye into your hair where the two colours meet, to ensure a natural gradient of colour.

Expert Tip: Before rinsing your Semi Permanent Hair Colour out, add a little water to your head and massage your hair as you would with shampoo. The water will emulsify the dye, preventing any streaks and catching any areas that you may have missed.

Little Mix – Neon Pink Eyes

Festival Beauty - UV Neon Eye Dust - Pink
Little Mix – Neon Pink Eye Dust

Currently on the road to crackin America with an army of loyal “Mixers” and having just announced a poppin new collab with grime legend in the making, Stormzy, Little Mix are without a doubt, the most talked about girl band on the planet.

With an inspiringly killer style and experimental beauty guru @AdamBurrel at their sides, it’s no surprise that these gals have evolved into quite the trend setters. So, if the neon pink smouldering eyes featured in their latest “No more sad songs video” is anything to go by, we’re pretty sure the girls will be giving Radio 1, quite the neon treat this weekend.

To steal their style is pretty simple, you need one thing and one thing only- PIGMENT! This look isn’t about a subtle smoke or a dusky neutral rose, this is a bold and electrifying statement, meaning the neon pigment of PaintGlow’s UV Neon Eye Dust in “Pink” , just the ticket.

Expert Tip: To strengthen and amplify the density of the neon pink even further, we suggest you dip your eye shadow brush into a little water first. Not only will this allow you to pick up product easily, but it will also glide on in much stronger brush strokes.

Haim – Metallic glitter side slick

Festival Beauty - Holographic Glitter Shaker - Silver
Haim – Metallic Glitter Side Slick

The ultimate queens of chilled Californian cool, Haim enthuse the epitome of relaxed boho chic, a style we’re used to seeing at Coachella. Long tousled balayage hair, bronzed complexions and shimmering highlight- Haim will be bringing a rocky edged glamour and buzz to Radio 1’s Big Weekend, a buzz which we can’t wait to experience.

Last year, boho chic beauty was characterised by bindi’s glitter partings and space buns, but this year we suggest that you maintain the Haim inspired Californian waves, and instead rock what we’re calling the metallic glitter side slick.

To achieve this look, comb your hair into a deep side parting, tucking your hair behind the ear on the side that the deep parting lies. Next, using PaintGlow’s “Silver” Glitter Gel , comb through the hair that you have tucked behind your ear, to slick it against the head. This will give the illusion of an edgy side shave. Then, whilst the gel is still wet, use PaintGlow’s Holographic Glitter shaker in “Silver”, to apply the glitter over the gel, adding a metallic rocker edge to a to a traditionally boho californian vibe.

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