“Fest” get ready – all eyes on Coachella!

– The trends to watch and the trends to perhaps forget

Surrounded by friends and dancing around tents, who doesn’t love a good old summer festival? With a plethora of choice for any musical taste, it would be hard not to find at least one event that didn’t have you racing to pitch your tent. From folk-pop to grunge-rock, and rap to trap, even if the music doesn’t floating your boat, you could be forgiven for being tempted by the endless beer that will be running on tap.

Here at PaintGlow, the British summer festival season couldn’t come sooner, and nor could the scorching summer weather…but we don’t want to jinx that just yet. I think all us festival-goers can agree, that no one likes wrestling through tipsy crowds with the additional burden of death by dangerous mud- you’ve paid two weeks worth of wages to see Jay Z, not Jay Drizzle.

However, based in the scorching Colorado desert, Coachella Festival (14th-23rd April) presents a sizzling contrast to the notions of summer festivals as us Brits know and love them. You can say bye to your trusty camping tent, because the only tent you’ll need to visit is the Sephora pop-up, for a face mask. FACE MASK AT A FESTIVAL?! Yes, I know… I was quite content with my once daily baby wipe wash as well.

Coachella- The city of eternal sunshine

Tipped as the festival for anyone that’s a somebody- which will soon become apparent as your newsfeeds become flooded with the glossy sun-drenched images of desert descending celebs. Coachella is probably the only feasible place you can genuinely anticipate casually bumping into Gigi, Kendall and Kylie.

It’s hardly surprising that Coachella Festival has therefore became rapidly considered as a celebrity “safe-zone”, and by that what I think they mean is that no persons present will be common enough to throw cups of urine over your flower crown. Am I wrong? And even if you can’t attend in person, the social media frenzy will be pretty inescapable.

The significance of Coachella’s influence in setting the bar for festival beauty and style for the rest of year, is pretty unmistakeable. Which is why we’ve whipped together the 5 trends that we predict you need to keep your eye on. So, whether you’re camping, glamping, going local or global (lucky you) – we’ve got you covered.

1) White Henna

Black henna is a festival style staple, and we don’t predict that this is ever going to change, but doesn’t that give you more of an urge to try something new? Well, say hello to White Henna.

Offering a delicate, ethereal contrast to the bold silhouette of traditional henna, white henna has the incredibly stunning effect of appearing as though your skin has been draped in an elegant lace veil.

Before you panic, you definitely don’t need to be an artistic genius to pull off this trend off either. Using a finely tipped brush and our UV Face and Body Paint in “white”, we suggest tracing a symmetrical trail of “//” strokes and “O” shapes with dots in the middle, down either the side of your face or arm.

This might sound very simple, but from afar it will look incredibly effective, especially against sun-kissed skin. You could also use create simple flowers shaped using soft “C” strokes for petals, with swirls of dots tracing their outline outline. Desert chic = check!


2) Rainbow Hair

Unless you’re an Instagram hermit, then you’ll probably remember the media extravaganza that was Kylie Jenner’s Coachella 2016 hair. A perfectly blended assortment of pastel pinks, blues and purples -it certainly set the bar in the festival style stakes. However, presuming you don’t have a celebrity hairdresser on speed dial, nor the professional price tag to match, then UV Hair Chalk , could offer a cheap and convenient alternative.

We suggest splitting your hair into individual strands, twisting each strand at a time, and then applying the chalk- this way the pigment will appear much stronger, and the colour will be much easier to apply. Go bold with one colour, or experiment with different gradients, a la King Kylie. When you’re happy with your colour, lightly spritz with hairspray to seal the deal.


3) Flower Crowns

No, i’m talking about those ridiculous flower halos, which have the tendency to scream, BRB, just having a nap in a hedge. Sorry I know you love them. But, in the words of Courtney Love “Flower crowns are dead”- well we wish they were, but judging by their permanent residency as a Snapchat filter, unfortunately for us, they will live to see another day.

Our take on the blossoming headdress however has a much subtler effect, a glittering daisy-chain garland to be exact. Take our Face Paint Stick in “White”. And use to gently trace a trail of white flowers across your forehead horizontally. Then, using the same Paint Stick, glide a swirling line through the flowers, to attach them like a chain.

Next, using the Glitter Paint Liner, in a colour of your choice, we chose “Blue” as it stands out nicely against the white, outline each flower, and draw dot in the middle of the petals to resemble the pollen. Voila, the same hippy effect, just less hedge, more edge.


4) UV Bowie Power

Credited for for not only his music but eccentric looks and makeup, Coachella Festival presents the perfect stage to pay homage to the musical legend, David Bowie. Use our UV Paint Stick in red to draw the outline of a lightening bolt across your right eye, starting from the top of your forehead, and finishing just below your right cheekbone.

Fill the lightening bolt in with the same “red” Paint Stick, and then for a glossy glitter topcoat, paint over the same area with our UV Glitter Face & Body Gel in “red”. For a final finishing touch, now add a thick blue line using our UV Glitter Paint Stick in “Ice Blue” along the side of your lightning bolt, nearest your right ear. Ta Daa, a UV glitter bolt, a la Ziggy Stardust.


Here at PaintGlow we love to hear from all our customers, so whether you’ve got some feedback for us, or you’d just like to show off your PaintGlow creations, please get in touch!

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