Cruelty Free

Since the launch of PaintGlow™ in 2008 we made a decision NOT to support animal testing on any of our products. By not being included in this inhumane and unnecessary process we stand by our morals whilst still producing high quality products that meet strict consumer health and safety regulations.

Our PaintGlow range is part of the Lakeland Cosmetics family, all of which is cruelty free.

It’s our mission to create cruelty free, quality cosmetics for each and every member of the family.  We even have Bugalugs pet grooming products for the family dog; he is man’s best friend, after all, so we could hardly leave him out!

 Our Core Values 

  1. We believe that cruelty free products are the only way forward
  2. We make quality products from quality ingredients
  3. We are a family business and we understand the importance of family to those we serve
  4. Our products are safe and we strive for environmental sustainability
  5. We are open and transparent, you will always know exactly what’s in our products
  6. All our products are manufactured on the edge of the English Lake District